Timber Floors & Installations

Should you choose Hardwood or Laminate flooring:  

The first advantage to a hardwood floor is  the look. A classic hardwood floor creates a warm décor, and it also feels good under your feet. In addition to  a wood floor’s warm look and feel. The neutral quality of wood becomes extra valuable when you are redecorating a room.  A wood floor is a wonderful insulator that retains heat, which makes it comfortable to walk on and gives off a cosy feeling. 

Hardwood floors are resilient and long-lasting, also easy to clean 

Hardwood floors can also be sanded and refinished multiple times, which means that every few years or so you can repair any scratches and restore the floor’s good-as-new glow. 

If you or your family members have allergies, you will appreciate that wood floors don’t trap dust and irritants the way carpets do. Once you sweep or vacuum, you’ll know just by looking at your floorboards that they are clean and dust-free. 

The biggest problem with hardwood floors is that they’re vulnerable to moisture and humidity. Even a small amount of moisture can deteriorate the wood, so you need to be careful to mop up spills fast. 

Laminate Flooring 

Also called a “floating floor,” laminate can be installed directly over your existing plywood subfloor or any other hard-surface floor, such as hardwood, concrete or linoleum. There is very little waste when using this flooring— 

Laminate flooring is available in a wide array of designs, so finding one suitable for your room’s decor is usually not difficult. In addition, laminate offers the homeowner the chance to enjoy a beautiful floor in the fashion of hardwood flooring or tile at a fraction of the cost and labour. 

Laminate flooring is also resistant to stains and all but the most extreme of impacts. This type of flooring is easy to install, quickly laid and significantly inexpensive in comparison to hardwood flooring.                                   

Laminate flooring, while it may look like hardwood flooring to the naked eye across a room, is not real hardwood—which can be an issue for some people. A laminate floor is limited to re-sanding, a damaged or worn laminate floor needs to have its damaged planks removed and new ones installed in order to restore the appearance of the floor